28 Best Fonts for Your YouTube Channel in 2024

Fonts play a vital role in the overall visual appeal of your YouTube channel. Well-chosen YouTube fonts can make your channel stand out, convey a specific message, and reinforce your brand identity. In 2024, it's essential to choose the right bold font that's both modern and relevant to your YouTube videos. Let's take a look at the top 28 downloadable fonts for your YouTube channel in 2024.

1. Impact (Free)

Impact is one of the most widely-used outline fonts in 2024. It's a bold font style, commonly used on thumbnails and sometimes even channel banners. This is a highly clickable thumbnail font style that you just can't miss, the name doesn't lie! Plus Pewdiepie, one of Youtube's most popular creators, uses it for the majority of his videos. With 111,000,000+ subscribers, he might know a thing or two. This might just be the best Youtube font, so we had to rank it number one.

The best part? Impact is a completely free font that can be instantly downloaded.

Source: Dafontfree.io

2. Bebas Neue (Free)

This is a bold and strong font that's perfect for attention-grabbing YouTube thumbnails and videos. It's also a great font for emphasizing important points in your videos that often need on-screen text, such as cooking videos and travel vlogs. You've definitely seen it before - many Youtubers commonly use it in white with a black outline. It's the go-to Youtube thumbnail for some of the most popular creators.

If you want to grab your audience's attention, this is the best font for you.

Source: Fontsquirrel.com

3. Roboto (Free)

One of the free best fonts for Youtube is Roboto. Designed by Christian Robertson, Roboto's sleek style is a perfect match for informational channels that need to be straightforward.

Fun fact - this is Google's most popular font. If YouTube is using Roboto for personal use, maybe we should take a note too.

Image source: University of Evansville

4. Lato (Free)

Lato is sans-serif, aesthetically pleasing, and one of the most popular fonts on Youtube. It's great for Youtube content that's meant to be engaging and relatable. It's a popular choice for YouTubers who want to connect with their target audience on a personal level and a fantastic choice for both personal and commercial projects.

Source: Envato

5. Raleway (Free)

Raleway is a beautiful and professional font with unique features that make it one of the perfect fonts for anything that needs a touch of refinement, from logos to headlines to display text.

It's one of the best fonts to make a statement without shouting it from the rooftops. Use this stylish font to create Youtube Thumbnails and attention-grabbing in video text. Careful with where you use this on Youtube, as the W in this font is an extremely eye catching feature and can catch some by surprise.

Source: Fontzaa

6. Open Sans (Free)

Open Sans is a free sans serif font style, and one of the best fonts for versatility. This font is just what you need if you want to keep consistent across, your video thumbnail, Youtube banner, and even in video text.

If you need something eye catching in your videos that isn't too "in your face", Open Sans might be one of the best fonts for you.

Source: Envato

7. Gotham (Free)

Gotham is a classic font that's been around for over a decade. It's a bold and attention-grabbing font that's perfect for titles and headlines. It's also a stylish urban font that can effectively deliver a message. Remember a certain former President making waves with one word: "HOPE"? We bet you do, and that should speak to why this is one of the best fonts for Youtube thumbnails and channel banners.

Source: Michael Bower, Behance

8. Proxima Nova (Free)

Proxima Nova is a sleek and modern font that's great for tech, gaming, and other futuristic content. It's a popular choice among YouTube creators who want to convey a sense of innovation and progress. When it comes to bold fonts for Youtube thumbnails, Proxima Nova's bold font styles provide a variety of amazing options. This font pack even comes with extra styles including an italic version.

Although Proxima Nova was officially released in 2015, type designer Mark Simonson started working on the typeface almost in 1980,  25 years earlier! Talk about a work in progress.

Source: Dafontnew

9. Playfair Display (Free)

When it comes to youtube fonts, Playfair Display might just be the best option out there for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. It's a popular choice among YouTube creators who want to keep their font stylish and convey a sense of luxury and refinement in their Youtube videos.

Although created in 2011, this font was influenced by typefaces from the mid to late eighteenth century, such as Baskerville.

10. Avenir (Free)

Avenir might be the best Youtube font for YouTube creators who want to convey a simple and effective look. If you're not looking for a funky font and trying to stay far away from a quirky font, you can trust Avenir to do the job.

Source: 8font.com

11. Futura (Free)

Futura is a classic font that's been around since the 1920s. Tried and true, many Youtubers still use this old font for it's bold, futuristic vibe to convey the same type of emotion with their Youtube videos. Futura was even used by NASA on the side of their rockets, and could be seen on the Apollo 11 mission. That's a pretty impressive track record in the world of fonts.

Source: fonts.com

12. Helvetica (Free)

Helvetica is celebrity amongst fonts. Often, it's the default font for commercial use, as brands such as BMW, General Motors, Kawasaki, Knoll, Kroger, Lufthansa, Motorola, Nestlé, Skype, Microsoft, and Apple have taken advantage of its versatility. This font is an amazing choice for Youtube thumbnails and in video text. Many Youtubers use two fonts, Helvetica for captions and on screen text, and another font for the rest of the assets on their Youtube channels.

13. Baskerville (Free)

Baskerville might not always be the best font for Youtube captions and text on screen, however it can truly make a for the perfect go-to font when you need a themed video. Many Youtubers in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle use this font to represent luxury and refinement. That said, this font might only be best used for a Youtube thumbnail.

Source: fontsmagazine.com

14. The Risk (For purchase)

Looking for a Youtube font that conveys the outdoors and adventure? Although strictly for Youtube thumbnail use, The Risk is perfect for those camping and outdoor adventure channels. This isn't just any regular font, it has a beautiful handwritten style that's sure to grab the attention of your audience.

Source: Envato Elements

15. DK Mandarin Whispers (Free)

One of the best Youtube fonts for lifestyle and travel channels is DK Mandarin Whispers. This font has a fun handwritten style that can be adjusted to a variety of styles and sizes.

Source: Sierra&Alex

16. Game Over (For purchase)

Game Over might seem like a gaming channel font, but it looks absolutely amazing for videos that need on screen text such as lyric videos. It's designed with a bold brushed style, and comes in SVG format so you can scale as needed, making this a perfect font for channel art. This font can be used with different colors, but the default red is something straight out of a 80's horror flick.

Envato Elements

17. King Crayon (For Purchase)

Youtube fonts are often bold and simple, but are your videos bold and simple? If you're looking for a fun font style that truly encapsulates the personality of your lighthearted Youtube videos King Crayon might just do the trick.

Source: Envato Elements

18. Caribold (Free)

For a regular outline font, Caribold is a perfect choice. This design stays consistent with some of the best Youtube fonts like Impact, and can create stunning visuals with both your Youtube thumbnails and on screen captions. It stays visually appealing while also maintaining maximum readability. Do you want your videos to scream "I know what I'm doing!"? Then Caribold is your best bet.

Source: allbestfonts.com

19. Juan Cock (Free for personal use)

This font is the perfect choice for creators looking for a stylish font with a masculine vibe. Check your demographics. Is it mostly males? Then a bold, masculine font style like this might resonate with your audience the most.

Source: Envato Elements

20. Horsemen (For purchase)

Horsemen is a retro font inspired by the 70's and 80's. Ever played Streetfighter? Well, this is pretty on point. This font looks perfect for Youtube thumbnails and banners when creators want fonts that give a retro look. Looking for channel art fonts that pop for your Youtube banner? Look no further than Horsemen for your Youtube font.

Source: Envato Elements

21. Frisky Puppy (Free)

Creators that make Youtube videos directed toward children don't need to look any further than Frisky Puppy. This font looks perfect on thumbnails, banners, and even channel art when your audience is made up of mostly children. This cute font has tons of versatility, and might be one of the most eye catching fonts for the smallest of children.

Source: Envato Elements

22. Config Rounded (Free)

If you want a sleek and professional look for your Youtube thumbnails, Config Rounded will be the best font for the job.

Although professional, the rounded edges take a bit of the intense corporate energy away, and gives way to a style we can only describe as business casual. This font is great for guides and simple explainer videos, but has enough versatility to be used for plenty more.

Source: Envato Elements

23. Tsuki (For purchase)

Tsuki is one of the best fonts for Youtube if you make content related to Japanese culture. Because of its bold and straight lines, it makes a perfect choice for videos about Japanese anime or manga. Tsuki is a fun font, so combine bright and lighthearted colours to get the most out of this font's personality.

Source: Envato Elements

24. Dustin (For purchase)

Dustin is a modern font with plenty of pop. This font is perfect for Youtube videos if you want to show off an upbeat personality and it keeps it's minimal design while still being trendy and stylish. In the world of Youtube fonts, this might just be the life of the party.

Source: Envato Elements

25. Bangers (Free)

If you're looking for a traditional attention grabbing font for your Youtube videos, you'll likely come across comic sans, the black sheep of fonts. Bangers saves the day and takes comic-sans to the next level with a modern update versatile enough for any youtube video. It looks like it came straight out of some marvel comic books but still grabs your attention in the best possible way.

Source: Envato Elements

26. Vlogger (For purchase)

Vlogger is a friendly and approachable font that's great for content that's meant to be engaging and relatable. It's one of the Youtube fonts that screams just lifestyle vlog. Day in the life Youtube titles? Vlogger is the font for you.

Source: Envato Elements

27. Meowza (For purchase)

Meowza is a playful and eye catching font perfect for your Youtube video thumbnail. This is a bold font that looks like it came fresh from the animation studio. Youtube fonts need to stand out from the crowd, and this font does just that.

Source: Envato Elements

28. Formula A (For purchase)

If you make content related to cars or racing, then Formula A can be the right font for your thumbnails. It has a a sleek and professional look, and captures burning rubber perfectly.

Source: Envato Elements

A few tips and tricks for Youtube fonts

Youtube Fonts Generator

There are plenty of websites that offer a copy and paste Youtube font generator to use with Youtube titles, but experts usually advise using the default Youtube fonts only. For this reason, we recommend not using a Youtube font generator with your Youtube channel.

Think like Youtube

Think of the Youtube logo, simplicity and boldness is a common theme on the platform. Channel the Youtube logo into your thumbnail and get some scroll stopping attention. Make sure the fonts you choose fit the personality of you and your brand, and get creative with how you use them.

Final Word

Choosing the right Youtube fonts for your channel can make a huge difference in the visual appeal and overall success of your channel. There are plenty of ways to make your business stand out with graphic design, and beginning with the low hanging fruit is a great start. With this guide, finding the perfect font is a breeze! Creating the perfect thumbnail every day? That's hard. Graphic Design as a Service providers like Teamtown's graphic design subscription can consistently create a unique thumbnail for you each day without breaking the bank or sinking your time. Just choose a graphic design subscription and get started.

These 28 top fonts are just some of the top options to consider for 2024, and can help you convey the message and image you want to present to your audience.