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Grow your social media channels with original designs that stand out. Bring life and engagement into your social media marketing with a team of social media designers that produce expert creative, quickly.
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Faster turnaround times plus more room in your budget than other social media design services.

The true cost of hiring in-house is easy to miss. Forget about onboarding, recruitment, retention, and development for designers. Teamtown has you covered. Faster. More affordable. More reliable. Leave all that work in the dust and get started with our expert social media designers today.

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Instagram stories. Grid posts. Video. All the social media design you need, covered.

Standing out in the saturated world of social media without fresh and engaging content is no easy feat. Marketing and creative teams need to be producing creative content that leaves an impression — quickly.

Get all the social media design you need with turnaround times as fast as 24 hours. Use Teamtown's collaboration portal to manage your social media design requests with ease.

50% Reduction in average cost per asset
24 Hour Turnaround Time
70% Less cost than agencies and in-house
50% Reduction in average cost per asset
24 Hour Turnaround Time
70% Less cost than agencies and in-house
50% Reduction in average cost per asset
24 Hour Turnaround Time
70% Less cost than agencies and in-house
50% Reduction in average cost per asset
24 Hour Turnaround Time
70% Less cost than agencies and in-house

Social Media Design Services

Grid Posts

Stunning and cohesive grid post design for social media channels like Instagram.

Instagram Stories

Scroll-stopping instagram story designs that grab attention.

Social Media Branding

Fresh branding from the ground up for your social media.

Social Media Templates

On-brand and editable templates for anyone on your team to use.


Find out how we can help you scale your social media design

Hundreds of brands from around the globe have trusted Teamtown with their social media design services. Get started right away and find out why.
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Nick Halliwell

Teamtown has been a fantastic partner for us.

Businesses have to be more nimble and flexible than ever, including when they deploy their precious resources. By engaging Teamtown, we've seen really great quality in a timely manner. It really feels like they're an extension of our team.

Tyler Trowbridge

Teamtown replaced our in-house design team and we couldn't be happier!

The team at teamtown is amazing and since we have been over a customer for a year now, we have never had any complaints with their service. They go above and beyond constantly

Ashley Schasteen

Teamtown = 5 stars!

Teamtown has been my go-to graphic design company for the past 6 months, and they are nothing short of perfect. The team's commitment to delivering high-quality designs has significantly enhanced my projects. I highly recommend Teamtown for anyone seeking top-notch graphic design services.

Logan Crowder

I've been using Teamtown for a couple of years now and figured it's about time for a review, they've earned it.

They're kind've like real life AI. You give a brief overview and some examples of what you want done and the next day or so, depending on the size of the project, is a finished design for you to utilize as you wish. Its neat, and affordable.

Zain Muhtaseb

Teamtown equals more value with less stress.

I'm consistently impressed with the quality and speed of their work. The design team is extremely talented and responsive, and they always go above and beyond to ensure that I'm satisfied with the final product.

How are our Social Media Design services different?

Forget about long wait times, unpredictable costs, surprise invoices, year-long commitments, and all the headaches that come with hiring the other options. We quickly deliver high-quality social media design services under a flat monthly fee model that you can pause or cancel any time. Work with our expert designers on a month-to-month basis with our 15-day money back guarantee.

Think of us like your own plug and play design department. You bring the projects, we bring the creative expertise and design operations. Book a demo and learn how we work.


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How do your social media design services work?

Teamtown is a Creative as a Service company. We work on a subscription model, giving you the flexibility so scale your volume up and down depending on your current needs. We don't stop at social media design when you work with us. Get access to a wide scope of design work and your own team of designers for one flat monthly fee.

How do I communicate with the design team?

We move quickly at Teamtown and communicate in real time. You can communicate with us using these methods:

  1. Slack Connect: If you're using Slack, we can create a Slack Connect channel directly in your workspace. This means you wouldn't even have to leave your Slack to chat with the design team. You can add as many users from your team to this as you'd like.
  2. The Design Portal: For project-related discussions, we have a design portal where you can request designs, upload brand files, download designs, leave revisions, and communicate with the team. You can add as many users from your team to this as you'd like.

We also have a live chat widget in our design portal to connect with support, and you can email us at for a reply within 24 hours.

Can't I just hire a freelancer or full-time designer?

Great question! To start, many companies outgrow or have needs that are simply too large to offload to freelancers. Without a dedicated designer or design team, your next hard-deadline project could leave your team stressed out and waiting for replies. Plus, when everyone on your team works with a different freelancer, brand inconsistency can start to show across your brand.

Also, the yearly cost for a full-time senior-level designer can exceed $100,000, not to mention benefits, additional tax, onboarding, management, and all that pesky paperwork. Plus, if things get slow, the flexibility to 'pause or cancel' just isn't there.

With Teamtown, all your design needs are consolidated under one roof with the same team of designers. You can start working with us right away, we handle the pesky stuff, and you're free to pause or cancel anytime.

Do I work with a different designer for every design?

With Teamtown, you always work with your own dedicated design team. This means the same set of 3-5 designers will always be working with your brand, learning what you like and getting even better with time.

Your team is headed up by a Design Lead, who you will mostly be working with on your requests. We provide you the same experience as having in-house designers on your team for a fraction of the cost.

What type of customers use our social media design services?

We work best with companies that have ongoing design needs. Marketing teams, marketing agencies, and anyone that stands to benefit from ongoing quick delivery of eye-catching social media design.