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Cherry Bomb Energy

Cherry Bo2mb is a functional supplement formulated for everyone... athletes, gamers, busy moms, high-capacity workers, and even kids... people wanting more out of their day.


With a looming deadline to launch their brand, Cherry Bo2mb needed a brand with supporting assets as quickly as possible. Sorting through resumes to hire an in-house designer was taking far too long, and something more reliable than an Upwork freelancer was needed to make the launch go right without missing the deadline.

After searching for alternative options and learning about Creative as a Service through our Town Hall blog, Cherry Bo2mb was able to get started with a dedicated Teamtown design team in the same week. The designers used what Cherry Bo2mb already had as a jumping point to develop and elevate their brand into something that truly resonates with their target audience. From there, the mission was on to create assets to support anything from their in-store promotions, flyers and magazine ads, packaging, and more. The deadline was conquered, and Cherry Bo2mb was left with a dedicated design team to continue creating brand assets and more.

Cost savings in the first year: $33,000

Average design rating:  5/5 Stars

Number of users added: 8

"Teamtown has been a lifesaver - we've been able to spin up our brand quickly without having to go through all the red tape of hiring in-house or finding someone specific to work with. Designs came out great, communication was effective, and I didn't have to think too much about it."

- Allan Klassen, VP of Business Development & Marketing